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Save money – and use your electricity.


Safety in case of power failure and full independence from the energy supplier.

Who starts wrong ends wrong


You want to save your valuable money and at the same time do something good for the environment so that the next generation will also find an environment worth living in?

Then a PV system is the optimal solution for your concern!

We offer a competent service for the planning of your photovoltaic system. Whether 1 kWp, 5 kWp, 10 kWp or 100 kWp – each plant is to be planned individually, because security is important to us. Taking into account the location of the PV system, the roof pitch, the roof dimensions and the roof covering, we will find the ideal solution for your solar power system.

When you let EnergySolutions advise you, you get the energy solution that really suits you.

We support your initative

Social project funding

We have access to various foundations in Germany that support social and environmental projects with up to 50% of the investment costs in the field of renewable energies.

Your project makes a contribution to improve the environment or society, for example by:

– Running a school, hospital, orphanage….

– Improving the water and electricity supply

– Helping people to find a job or to start a business

– Increasing the yield in the field of agriculture

Then let’s see together if we can subsidize your home power plant through a German foundation.

More service life through professional


After planning your home power plant, the actual work begins.

We order the components suitable for you from well-known manufacturers and deliver the components after consultation with you.

Together with our powerful installation partners, an engineer from EnergySoluions ensures that the house power plant is built exactly according to your ideas.

Through our extensive support we achieve a top quality in the installation of your home power plant and thus a long life of the plant.

Clean photovoltaics to generate more power!

Cleaning Photovoltaics

The more dirt, moss, pollen, algae or bird droppings there are on your solar modules, the less sunlight reaches the solar cell. The result: the performance of your energy system decreases. In the worst case, even the service life of your PV system will be shortened.

This is what professional photovoltaic cleaning does:

– Professional treatment of the precious solar technology:
– Application of a rotating brush system and cleaning with warm water
– Effective cleaning of even large surfaces
– Removal of the most stubborn soot deposits from heaters, chimneys and engines

Your benefit of a solar cleaning by our experts
– Permanently good yields
– Increased profitability and return on investment
– Long life span of your plant

PV system maintenance

Solar maintanance

To ensure that your photovoltaic system lasts a long time and operates profitably, it should be regularly maintained and serviced. The PV check by an expert for photovoltaics is carried out using the latest technology. In this way, possible sources of error are detected at an early stage and the full functionality of your system is guaranteed.

The PV check service from EnergySolutions Our “Maintenance Solar” service package includes the inspection of your system by long-standing solar experts. And that is what we take care of:

  1. Check solar modules
  2. Stability test of the substructure
  3. Cleaning & maintenance of the inverter
  4. Electronic measurements
  5. Lightning protection check

Engergy independency

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