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Want to be energy independent without power losses?

Let us guide you into the 21st century of energy


The best available technology from a single source.


Save money – and use your electricity.


Safety in case of power failure and full independence from the energy supplier.

Home power plant

Our individually planned house power plant:

All In One for one and all

A home power plant is the step into a more independent future. Buying a home power plant from EnergySolutions is worthwhile for the environment and for you: Because the energy for electricity and heat comes from your own roof, we simply eliminate a large part of your energy costs.

The more solar power you consume directly, the faster a solar power plant pays for itself. Because you have to pay much less for electricity from the roof than for electricity from the grid. With a typical PV system, you can consume around 30 % of the electricity you consume directly yourself. If you combine your PV system with a battery storage system and become the owner of an EnergySolutions home power plant, you can increase your share of self-consumption to 70%.

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The quality requirements of our customers are the benchmark for our work. Striving for the highest level of customer satisfaction is our concern.

Projects Completed

Our experienced directors have organized and coordinated international complex projects.

Trained Staff

In order to provide our customers with the best possible advice, we employ very good project engineers. They are supported by German specialists from EnergySolutions and our domestic partners.

Our Services

We Provide Superior Photovoltaics Services


We offer a competent service for the planning of your photovoltaic system.


Together with our powerful installation partners, an engineer from EnergySoluions ensures that the house power plant is built exactly according to your ideas.

Clean photovoltaics

Clean photovoltaics to generate more power.

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